Over the past 34 plus years we have earned our name as Sunset Capital of Texas. The Oasis is open year ‘round with exciting activities and things to see and do throughout each day. We have worked hard making the Oasis Austin’s best destination for family and friends and we are improving all the time!

To say there is something for everyone at The Oasis Restaurant is not an overstatement.  Guests will find representation of interests in various cultures ranging from Tuscan beauty, to the intrigue of Buenos Aires, to French fantasy captured in the subtle hints within The Oasis décor. Worldly excitement and flavor inhabit the details in the restaurant, from the breathtaking view and extravagant atmosphere, to the delicious food and friendly employees. The Oasis does offer an appeal like no other; it is an event for the senses. The Oasis is indeed an architectural wonder which has a definite Mediterranean feel.

The Oasis Sunset Tradition

Guests seated or standing on the decks are inspired and in awe of the magnificent view and the impending slow decent of the sun, reflecting off the water of Lake Travis. Guests are presented with the ever-changing colors of the sky which creates a mesmerizing backdrop for the lake —a view so unique; its reputation reaches beyond Texas. People from all over the world come to take in the view and see for themselves just what The Oasis has to offer.

Appearing at the restaurant nightly, the sunset receives star billing. Ringing the Sunset Bell is a real treat for the guests. When the bell tolls, signaling the suns final and stunning plunge into Lake Travis, the sun’s nightly performance is given standing ovations along with cheers and toasts.

The Sunset Bell which is currently rung at each sunset every night holds a lot of symbolic meaning. Unfortunately, the original bell used to celebrate the sunset for over 20 years melted in the devastating fire in 2005. So a new bell was given as a heartfelt contribution to the history and endurance that lies within The Oasis.

As the story goes, a man used to frequent the restaurant in the early days and loved The Oasis. In his childhood, his mother used to ring a bell every night to signal when dinner was ready. Just before the man moved away, the bell was stolen. One day 20 years later, and coincidently not long after The Oasis burned, the man’s bell was suddenly returned to him along with a note. The note read “Twenty years ago I stole this bell from you; because I grew accustomed to hearing your family ring it each evening. When I found out you were moving away, I took it. I have felt guilty all these years, so now I am returning it to you, the rightful owner.”

The beautiful irony is not merely the sincerity of the letter, but the timing of its return to the man who had such fond memories of The Oasis. When he heard about the original bell being burned in the fire and then having his old bell reappear after all those years, he knew it was a sign. The man presented the bell to The Oasis as a gift — one that is sure to be treasured by all who dine at The Oasis. The ringing of that bell will continue to be a honored tradition through many years to come.

The Oasis Sunset Photo Contest

An annual competition that brings photographers, both professional and amateur, of all ages, to the decks of The Oasis Restaurant has long been the standard for the best in sunset photography. Our Sunset Photo Contest is another 20 plus year tradition. Guests snap a picture of the sunset during their visit and enter their photo for a chance to win cash and other valuable prizes. When prizes are awarded during our special awards ceremony, winners find that sun-worshiping has big returns.

More than anything else, The Oasis Restaurant was built in tribute to the sunset – one of nature’s most beautiful displays.

Honoring our Heroes

The Oasis family shows their support to the men and women who serve or have served in our military. We appreciate their sacrifices and we honor them by creating a brass plaque which displays their name, rank and division and place in a designated  area to honor our heroes either past Veterans or Active Military. Please email Julie at eisen.julie@gmail.com to reserve your free plaque.