Love Locks at The Oasis

If you think about it, all of our lives revolve around love. Love is impossible to quantify because it has endless meanings. A mother’s love for her child has a completely different meaning from a love for a cherished friend. A love for a cherished friend is immensely different from the intimate love or bond that forms between two partners. Even among couples, no two relationships have identical love stories. Just like two fingerprints, no two bonds of love are quite the same. The bottom line is we all need love to live. Just like water and air, love is absolutely vital for our souls. Regardless of whom you choose to love, giving and receiving love will enhance your life.

While in Paris a few years ago,  Oasis owner Beau Theriot discovered the famous Pont des Arts, also known as the love locks bridge. Thousands of people from all over the world gave padlocks as symbols of their love to Paris, the City of Love. The love locks that once adorned the Pont des Arts in Paris had to be removed because their sheer weight was collapsing the bridge. Beau brought that concept of love back home to The Oasis, which is also well known for being one of the most romantic places in the world.

You and your partner can now immortalize your love with an Oasis Love Lock. All love has a beginning and if it is nurtured just right it can live infinitely. Make the memory with us at The Oasis. Hundreds of our cherished guests from all walks of life have locked their love down at The Sunset Capital of Texas. On one of our locks, write the date your love began, then attach the lock to one of our specially designated posts and throw the key away. Rain or shine, the lock that is a symbolic tribute to your love will remain forever.